Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Unlike a loan, a line of credit is readily available — you apply for the line once, then draw on it as you need it. Anything you’ve paid is immediately available to draw on again and you only pay interest on what you’ve borrowed.

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Competitive Rates

For any recurring or one-time needs, we have competitive rates based on loan-to-value (LTV) for you!

Revolving Credit

As principal is repaid, it becomes available for use again. Draw on the line of credit for up to 10 years with repayment terms up to 15 years.

Local Decision Making

Our easy application process with attentive, friendly service from start to finish will provide you with an unparalleled loan experience.

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More Benefits

Standard and interest-only HELOC options

The existing equity in your home is used as collateral backing

Funds available anytime without reapplying; apply once, then use repeatedly thereafter

Revolving credit — as principal is repaid, more becomes available for use

Funds easily available via check or in-person/online transfer

Pay interest on only the amount you use

Ideal For Members

With fluctuating income

Who plan on selling their home after renovations

Who need to consolidate debt

Who need a large sum of cash for an investment

Who need to minimize monthly payments

Making a down payment on a second home before selling their first

NEW Interest-Only HELOC

All the benefits of our standard HELOC with the ability to make very low interest only payments. This gives you ultimate flexibility while keeping payments minimal.

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Home Equity Line of Credit

Kenya explains what a HELOC is and how you can use it. In this video, we discuss the difference between a Home Equity Line of Credit and a conventional home equity loan as well as the advantages and disadvantages of HELOCs.

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1. APR=Annual Percentage Rate. With approved credit. Some restrictions may apply.